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See why Intex RT out-cleans the competition!

  • Glue in your shop towels?
    We don't think so.
  • Constructed of Natural Fibers
    Hydro-Entangled with Polymers
  • Contains NO Glue,
    Latex or Binders
  • Wipes Dry Faster
    Won't Streak or Lint
  • Solvent
  • 3X Stronger & Longer Lasting
    Than Paper Roll Towels
  • Unbelievably
  • Innovative Packaging
    Saves Space & Keeps Wipers Dry!

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250-count Intex Cloth-Like Rags | 25% more than the competition!

Glue in your shop towels?  We don't think so.


Intex Cloth-Like Roll Towels (“RT” for short) are a combination of two innovative ideas that deliver a remarkable advance over old-fashioned disposable shop towel and “rag in a box” rolls made from paper bonded with glue.


Made from natural fibers, hydro-entangled with strong polymer filaments and embossed for enhanced surface efficacy, Intex Cloth-Like RT wipers are 3X stronger and more durable in water, paint, grease and oil; and will not break down in solvents.  They are lint free, streak-free, absorb fast and last longer.  And they contain no glue.  In other words, they perform just like cloth.












More Blue RT - Coming Soon!

More Soon in 2020!


Red RT - Coming Soon!

No more bulky corrugated boxes.  Wipers this innovative deserve innovative packaging too.  Because they are soft and pliable, unlike paper products, Intex Cloth-Like RT “center-feed” dispensing rolls easily compress into a compact oval shape.  We package each compact roll inside waterproof dispensers called SpaceSaver Tote-Paks.  This ground-breaking packaging system dispenses towels one at a time, and takes half the space of those bulky paper shop towel boxes.  Plus, it reseals to protect unused wipers from moisture and dirt.  More convenient for the garage, workplace, vehicle, camper or boat, the SpaceSaver Tote-Pak fits better everywhere.

Two better ideas for the price of one.  That’s not just innovation, that’s value.

The items listed below are available now.  Even more great Intex Cloth-Like items due in 2020!

Innovation and performance
Item # Description Size Case UPC
NW-99967-W 100ct Intex Cloth-Like Rags 10in x 11in 12 Bags 019736999670
NW-99965-W 250ct Intex Cloth-Like Rags 10in x 11in 6 Bags 019736999656
NW-99984-W 500ct Intex Cloth-Like Rags 10in x 11in 4 Bags 019736999847
NW-99969-B 200ct Intex Cloth-Like Shop Towels 10in x 12in 6 Bags 019736999694
NW-00151-W 100ct Intex Cloth-Like Cleaning Towels 10in x 11in 12 Bags 019736001519

See why Intex RT out-cleans the competition!


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